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No matter how big your business is, remember that carpets will eventually get dirty that is an inevitable fact of life. Floor coverings are going to be affected by everyday contact from foot traffic and airborne soiling. For all business are important to make sure that your business area or office carpets are clean for verity reasons. Carpet can hold up to 4x its weight in dirt, become infested with allergens, can be a breeding ground for harmful bacteria. It is Harmful for human health and carpet lose it original appearance. All this negatively impact customers and employees. The wear ability of carpets can be reduced significantly through the lack of quality maintenance procedures that should include Professional cleaning as part of a regular program.

Why Choose Us?

pH Carpet Cleaning provides a first-class commercial carpet cleaning service. Each job is different and cannot be treated the same. We have an entirely flexible approach. Our professional technicians have the expertise and knowledge to deliver significant care of your carpet. Whats more, our staff has been checked by the Criminal Records Bureau (now called DBS). Also, we offer a range of additional services including, re-clean treatment, flea and mite removal and scotch guarding, which is a stain protector that protects your carpets from staining and soiling. All our machines are from Airflex Storm. Airflex Storm is the leaders in carpet cleaning equipment. We have all the necessary insurances.

What can you expect from our carpet cleaning?

  • Free estimates
  • Personalised service
  • Guaranteed results
  • 24-hour emergency service
  • Hot Water Extraction Method (deep steam cleaning)
  • Professional carpet cleaning equipment
  • Friendly and reliable cleaners
  • Dry carpet in minutes
  • Best prices in town
  • You will pay only for the cleaning.

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